AnnaSophia Robb working with ”There With Care”


Denver-born movie star has feet on the ground – Like most 17-year-olds, AnnaSophie Robb likes to sing, hang out with her friends and puts her family first.

Unlike some of her peers, she spends most of her rare spare time volunteering her time to help feed those in a crisis.

And unlike most of her peers she has starred in more than 14 major motion pictures. But Robb says she would rather hang out at Red Rocks than be on a red carpet.

Robb got the acting bug at an early age. An only child, she took an acting class in Denver when she was just 8 years old.

An audition caught the attention of an agent and then she auditioned for a commercial. After that, her star began its rapid rise. She has starred in moves like “Because of Winn-Dixie,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” with Johnny Depp, “Bridge To Terabithia,” and the recent “Soul Surfer,” which is based on the story of surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack.

Despite her success, Robb credits her family and friends for keeping her grounded.

“Staying in School is really important for me. I love acting and I love good filmmaking, but I like the work part of it and then all of the stuff around it is fun, but it’s not really what I love. I love the work. The working part, the development of the script and the filming and the community. I’m not necessary excited about the premiers and the ‘this’ and the ‘that,'” Robb said.

Her passion lately is an organization called There With Care. It is a young nonprofit that delivers groceries to families who have a child hospitalized with a serious illness.

“You go to this house and all of a sudden you think about all this stuff you have to do in your life, getting ready for school, and all those little things, and you walk in to this poor child, and they just want to be out playing. And it’s an eye opener. And you are like, ‘Wow, I have to forget about my problems and what’s really important in this world is sharing the love and providing care,” she said.

Robb is excited about starting her senior year in high school and plans to attend college. She will continue to act if the right role comes around but added, ” I’m more excited about prom than I am about going to the Kids Choice Awards.”

For more information on There With Care, visit

AnnaSophia for ‘There With Care’

There With Care update status on their facebook

AnnaSophia Robb included There With Care in a news piece that will run on 9 News at 10pm on Wednesday, August 24th. If you’re in Colorado, please check it out. (We’ll have it on our website soon after for friends afar.) AnnaSophia is a very special young woman, a dear friend and an Ambassador to There With Care. She has a heart of gold.

AnnaSophia website updated; There With Care fundraiser

AnnaSophia Robb’s official website,, has had its news section updated for the first time since January 2010. The update contains the following text:

AnnaSophia will be a the THERE WITH CARE fundraiser of the Harry Potter screening Nov 18th at 4:30 pm at the United Artist Theater Colorado Center; Denver CO. Just go to and you can purchase tickets. Actor Devon Murry “Seamus Finnegan” will be there too. You can also see/meet AnnaSophia, Devon Murry and Tom Felton “Draco Malfoy” at the Holiday Party event a Saturday Nov 20th in Denver or Nov 21st in Boulder. There With Care has all the info on tickets and directions. Hope you can make it!

On the There With Care website, there are three ticket package prices of $40, $150 and $250.

AnnaSophia has said that she likes Harry Potter books, and has previously attended a premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. News section