Alexander Ludwig talk about AnnaSophia via Ustream

Alexander Ludwig did his online video and talk about AnnaSophia Robb at 19:30


AnnaSophia Robb was in Paris

AnnaSophia Robb has recently returned from a trip to Paris, France with Race to Witch Mountain co-star Alexander Ludwig. AnnaSophia Robb has written about traveling to France before and has studied le français at her high school, which as of August 16th has begun the 2010-2011 school year.

2009 – Lola’s Land interview

AnnaSophia Robb another interview with Alexander Ludwig! 2009 – Lola’s Land interview. Enjoy!

Headline : Anna Sophia Robb & Alexander Ludwig
By : Lola’s Land

Meet the two stars of Race To Witch Mountin, Anna Sophia Robb & Alexander Ludwig. Find out what their favourite food, colour and books are, plus how they juggle being movie stars and attending hifh school….

For those of us who haven’t seen the film yet can you tell us what it’s all about?
AS: Well the movie is about a Las Vegas cab driver, Jack, played by Dwayne Johnson. He’s been having a rough life so far and then all of a sudden one day he picks up these two unusual fares in the back of his cab, two teenagers who turn out to be aliens from a different planet. They bring him into this whole mess of trying to save their planet as well as the earth and running away from the U.S. government.

Do either of you believe in aliens?
AS: I think its fun to believe in aliens. I mean I’m not sure about it, I’m still not 100%. I need some rock solid proof but, I think when you start thinking about how big the universe is it’s kind of like, there might be something out there.

AL: The universe is really big and there’s gotta be something else out there and yeah, its fun to believe.

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