08.2009 – Twist Magazine

Headline : Race to Witch Mountain on DVD today!
By : Twistmagazine

Disney’s blockbuster hit Race to Witch Mountain comes out on DVD today, and TWIST has your chance to win it! The action flick, starring AnnaSophia Robb, Alex Ludwig and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is about two alien kids who must save the Earth from invasion and return safely to their home planet before being captured by the government!

TWIST talked to AnnaSophia and Alex about their memories from filming the movie. Check out their fave scenes and the hilarious pranks they pulled off behind the scenes!

TWIST: What were your favorite scenes to film?

AnnaSophia: We had a great time filming! It was fun, and all the cast and crew just became really close. I think my favorite scenes where the ones where all the cast was involved, so the convention scene was a really fun time. And when we were filming on the inside of “Witch Mountain.” The whole movie was fun, but I think when we were all together, it was the best time.

Alex: I’m stealing hers ’cause it’s also one of my favorite scenes! The convention scene, where they get a couple hundred extras and they were all wearing costumes. It was kind of cool to see it come to life. And there’s a scene where the military operatives come and burst into the room and are like, “Get down! Get down!” It was just really cool, really hectic.

TWIST: So did you enjoy all of the action you guys got to do?

AnnaSophia: Yeah, it’s fun to do an action movie. It keeps your energy level up, everyone is having a good time and it’s fun! Guns are going off and explosions – it’s just fun to see it all come together at the end.

TWIST: Did you guys play a lot of pranks on set?

Alex: There were many!

AnnaSophia: We were in Las Vegas and we got a hold of some fake funny money! We walked along the streets, brought the money in our pockets, bumped into people and dropped the money. People went so crazy! It was so much fun to watch their reactions. Some people would run up to us and try to give the money back, others would just smirk at us and try to hide it. It was hilarious!

TWIST: What about you, Alex?

Alex: Oh, yeah! While we were filming, I had a piece of gum and I shaped it to look like a tooth. I got the makeup artist to give me some fake blood and I put the blood in my mouth. During a scene, I tripped over the teleprompter, fell right in front of Andy [the director] and started spitting up blood! Then, suddenly a tooth came out! Everyone thought I had lost my tooth and was bleeding everywhere! It was very, very funny.