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Open Source AnnaSophia Robb has the most complete and accurate database of AnnaSophia Robb ever! But why and how? Everyone can contribute knowing the valuable information they put in will always be available to all fans of AnnaSophia.

What makes this site different from other fansites?

User Submitted Content
We allow anyone to submit new Content here.

Or with the buttons that look like this —>  improve this page.png

Complete and Detailed 

We strive to contain all the known knowledge about AnnaSophia in one place.

Data Extraction
All the Most the most important info is extracted and added to pages like History and Facts, useless none related is left behind.

Open and Transparent
With everything we provide a source link so its known were we get the info from.

We often copy and paste from other websites we are essentially creating a backup of the that info. We are also working on doing full backups of interviews, videos, etc, starting mid 2016. Also this site is backed up continually.

Balance between information and AnnaSophia’s and her fans Privacy
We provide as much as information as possible without crossing the line.We wont give out you’re information to anyone without your permission. But we will stalk ASR and will release information as long as it can cause no danger to ASR and cannot not be damaging to her perfect reputation. The history page is a good example of this.

Focus on Information
We want to learn everything about ASR. She is very beautiful but at this point it’s all about knowledge on ASR.

We been studying ASR and her fans for years, and are releasing exclusive content such as history on where ASR has been,  And a comprehensive list of links to the fansites of past and present. We are also going to release stats on AnnaSophia Robb’s followers and stats how ASR’s presence has grown online.

We are friendly to other fansites (only ASR ones LOL) And love to collaborate with anyone.

We are working on uniting the ASR community. Sign up here!

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