The Carrie Diaries Season Finale

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 is coming to an end. Unfortunately, theres only 3 episodes left for the season finale, and it was a great season to watch, Carrie met her new love Adam, we learnt how Walt and Bannet Finally became a couple, how Dorrit and Miles break up, Larrisa and Tom are getting married Etc. But I am really glad that Sebastion never gave up on Carrie, and after Carrie’s new love “Adam” tried to ruin Carrie reputation to save his own, Carrie gets back with Sebastian , but theres only 3 episodes left and it must be a wild one, I really can’t wait. But hopefully season 3 will come.We just have to wait and see… Until then, AnnaSophia’s new movie A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island is coming up, starring AnnaSophia Robb, so we know its going to be a great Movie!