AnnaSophia Robb chat with Alex Fischetti

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Beginning on Saturday, the Ridgefield Playhouse will be showing the box office hit “The Way, Way Back”

I had the blessing of interviewing one of its stars and a woman who is one of the biggest hearted young stars in Hollywood today, AnnaSophia Robb!

1. When were you thoughts on the script for The Way, Way Back?

Annasophia: Good scripts are few and far between and when I read this I thought “This is so great!” It’s so funny, it’s so heartwarming, it’s poignant, it had everyone you want in a movie and the characters are so well developed. I was so blessed to be able to do this because it was one of the best scripts I have ever read and ever will read.

2. A movie based in the summer with a water park looks as much fun to shoot as it is to watch on film. Describe the atmosphere in making this movie.

AnnaSophia: It was so much fun! We shot half the movie in the water park and half of it at the beach house and I was lucky to be a part of both. I didn’t shoot too much at the park but the crew kept me around even when I didn’t have to film which was great because they kept the rides open at night so after we wrapped we got to ride the rides! It was pretty cool!

3. The cast is absolutely remarkable. What was it like working alongside so many multitalented names?

AnnaSophia: I was in awe of everyone that was there. I loved watching Sam Rockwell and I couldn’t watch Allison Janney with a straight face. The whole cast and crew were just super chill and got along cracking jokes, enjoying filming on the beach. There was such a great sense of friendship with everybody involved.

4. You’re such a well grounded person which is rare in a young Hollywood star. How do you pull it off?

AnnaSophia: I have awesome parents and a really strong family who I love so much. I have great friends from High School and my faith in Jesus Christ really helps me stay centered and continues to be my cornerstone.