AnnaSophia Robb interview with published an interview with actors AnnaSophia Robb and Liam James! read below :

Q: Who is your outfit by?

AnnaSophia: Kate Spade and Miss Woo. Don’t know who my earrings are by. Thought I’d punk it up a little bit.

Q: You must be getting into a lot more fashion now since “The Carrie Diaries”.

AnnaSophia: I’m starting to.
Liam: Me too. My mom is really stepping up her game (laughter).

Q: What drives you to act?

Liam: What I like the most about film is watching film. I’ve grown up watching movies and I just clicked somehow with auditioning. I just fell into it.
AnnaSophia: We both started about the same age, nine or ten. I think it was one of those things that I wanted to do when I was younger but I really didn’t  know why I wanted to do it. My career slowly progressed and then working with really talented people made we want to continue telling stories.
Liam: Yeah. I’ve never had one of those experiences on set where there are nasty people. The interesting people you meet just made me want to come back for more and more.
AnnaSophia: We had so much fun on this movie!

Q: AnnaSophia, (The producers) said that you seem mature beyond your age so you were perfect for this character. Would you agree with that?

AnnaSophia: I feel old. I do old things I guess. I like to sleep a lot and go out to dinner.
Liam: (laughs) She’s also a lot of fun and very fun to hang out with.
AnnaSophia: Thanks, Liam. I’d say the same about you. We had a great time together but I think I just was really drawn to this character. The film is so well-written. The first thing you see on a film is the script and it was so complete and I’ve never enjoyed reading something so much and being able to watch it be put together.

  •  I remember reading it and just being on fire and just adoring (the writer/directors) and how smart and witty and driven and what nice guys they are. Then, filming and watching all these amazing actors put their heart and soul in it and use their talent and have a blast. I think the fun we had on the film really transfers onto the screen.

Q: AnnaSophia, how did this film work with “The Carrie Diaries”? Did you shoot it during you break?

AnnaSophia: It happened right before. I did The Way Way Back and then a couple of weekends I went to New York. It was really wonderful. Allison (Janey) was obviously in “West Wing” so she was telling me about TV and how intense it is and sharing her experiences. That really meant a lot to me because I’d never done TV before and a lot of the crew was from New York so I got a little bit of a warm up and then doing a project I was really excited about and something completely different was a huge blessing for me. So I went from there to “The Carrie Diaries”.

Q: AnnaSophia, are you going to college this year?

AnnaSophia: I’m deferring another year but it’s okay. College isn’t going anywhere. I have an idea of what I’ll study; not science and not math. Everything else I’m interested in.

Q: It’s difficult to be a teen actor or a teen in general.  Any advice for getting through your teens?

AnnaSophia: I think this story is very poignant for the awkward age Duncan is and I think the poster captures it quite well. We’ve all been there and felt isolated and not connected and wondering where they are in life. To have that unexpected mentor like Sam Rockwell’s character to just reach out and get involved (is great). I think Susanna is going through a transition too.

Q: Have you felt that kind of isolation in your life?

AnnaSophia: Yeah. I think it happens to everyone at different points. I think, for me, after high school, working then coming home and being like “oh my gosh none of my friends are home yet” and feeling a sense of home without any of my friends with everything being different. What is this new place? Everything has changed so it’s getting through that but you can’t do it alone.Q: How are you holding up with the TV show, the schedule and everything?

AnnaSophia: It was rough and a learning process but I really loved everyone I worked with and the crew and I’m very excited for season two. I can’t wait to get back. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun. I like working hard. Otherwise I get bored. On this set I got lonely because I wasn’t in the whole thing. I would come early and hang out at the house to just be with everybody.

Q: Do you have hobbies that also take up your time?

AnnaSophia: You know when you’re really busy it’s easy to put your hobbies aside and think you always have to be going work. So it’s really important to find those hobbies and make time for them. There are certainly things I love to do. When I’m home I love to go on hikes and hang out with my friends but in New York I love just walking around the city and going to plays and shows, concerts. Food is a hobby, museums. I love New York.