AnnaSophia Robb Elle magazine interview

AnnaSophia Nino Munoz 01

ELLE: How does it feel to suddenly be in the spotlight? What is the coolest perk you’ve experienced so far?

AnnaSophia Robb: Thankfully, I’m a little removed from it because I’m working all the time so I don’t really see the hustle and bustle, but there have been perks. The best perk has benn getting invited to movie screenings.

ELLE: What is your favorite outfit that you’ve worn on the show?

AR: In episode seven, I wear this dress that looks like a fairy princess dress. It’s a lot of crinoline; its sea foam green, pink, and sparkly. It wasn’t the most comfortable but certainly the most glamorous.

ELLE: How do you like working with stylist Eric Daman?

AR: Eric is fantastic, such a sweet, creative man. He has the best team working for him, and he’s just amazing at putting items together that I would never see. He has an impeccable eye.

ELLE: What teasers can you tell us about tonight’s new episode?

AR: You’ll see me as Princess Di on her wedding day. There are some great costumes, and Walt meets a new friend that will guide him down a new path in life. You’ll also hear a good Chewbacca roar.

ELLE: Which New York Fashion Week shows will you be attending?

AR: I’m not sure yet! I’m waiting to hear on my shooting schedule to find out which shows I can go to.

ELLE: How does it feel to be stepping into Sarah Jessica Parker’s (designer!) shoes?

AR: It feels surreal, and I don’t think I’ve quite processed it yet.

ELLE: How do you personally identify with Carrie?

AR: Carrie lives a dual life in the show, and I definitely felt that way in high school, balancing work and life as a student.

ELLE: What’s your favorite secret spot in NYC and why?

AR: [If I told you,] then it wouldn’t be a secret, would it? I always enjoy a good chocolate shop.