AnnaSophia Robb says Sarah Jessica Parker gave her blessing

AnnaSophia Robb played just as well as she take Carrie role in SEX IN THE CITY spin-off. she concentrations and high heels that she had to fill out.

“When I landed the role, I remember having a conversation with [showrunner] Amy [B. Harris who said] ‘we don’t want you to emulate Sarah Jessica Parker’s performance,”

“I loved the show SEX IN THE CITY. I try to watch an episode every night, so my character is a combination of the books, the script, what I’m bringing to the role and Amy’s vision for the character. I realize as we go on, I feel like I’m becoming more like Carrie or Carrie is becoming more like me.”

“When I landed the role, she sent me a wonderful note and gave me her blessing,” says Robb.

“That was cute for me. I was obviously nervous, but it meant a lot to be able to have her blessing, so I sent a thank you note back.”