Winning Birthday Fan Letters to AnnaSophia Robb

”Is it wrong for me to confess that I like you?  You are an actress, and we do live different lives, but when I take all of that away, you’re still so much more than I realize.  There’s more to you than meets the eye and I don’t know how I know, but I do…This isn’t the first time that I’ve been unsure of what to say–It isn’t the first time that I’ve sat down to write you.   Every year, I rack my mind so that I can write a poem;  something genuine and from the heart.  As the hours tick by, I begin to fill with doubt.  “Have I been wrong from the start?  Or will she understand and figure it out?”  I know you’re not who I think you are, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an idea.  I’m not asking for any chances, but I need for how I feel to be clear.  Believe it or not, you’ve made me much of who I am.  I’ve never wanted to be more of a better man.  I’ve spent my days following you  with respect and admiration and if I have to, I’ll spend the rest of my life showing my appreciation.  Annasophia, you’re beautiful.  Not just in body, but in soul as well.  I’m sure there isn’t a storm you couldn’t quell with your grace…I’m sorry, these always turn out so awkward and disturbing when all I want to do is wish you a happy birthday.  I apologize for any uncomfortableness I may be incurring.”

-James Damron

”Happy birthday AnnaSophia Robb! I hope you know how much you inspire all your fans. Especially your passion for activism and helping the less fortunate. I know you are constantly learning about ways that you can make a difference in the world…. I can really tell that you want to use your fame for a good cause and I just think it’s beautiful! All your fans can see that you’re pretty on the outside but even more importantly, we can see your inner beauty. I never met you, but you strike me as someone who cares about people ALOT, and you have a childlike quality.

Your an amazing actress and are perfectly chosen for your roles. Your character Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia has inspired me to keep my mind wide open to all the possibilities in life. You said that you can personally relate to Leslie’s character and that makes me love you even more. Leslie is one of the most virtuous characters I know of. Keep up the good work and just keep being yourself. I also appreciate what you’ve said about body image—that girls shouldn’t be expected to look perfect… It’s unrealistic, and you’re so right about that. I saw the video where you visited a girl with cancer in the hospital and it was really touching… I could just feel the love emanating from you… You really made that girl’s day… I know you like to get to the bottom of things and study the bible and so do I. I can really relate to you in so many ways. If I ever have a daughter, I would want you to be her role-model… You make all your fans proud. Have the best birthday ever.”

Roen Horn,
ichoosepeople Founder,USA
Annasophia robb by Roen HornRoen Horn, AnnaSophia Robb

”Hi AnnaSophia Robb.I write to you, and I want to congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you career higher and higher, so that when you were at the top of the hill of stars. Good luck to never turn away from you, have always been only bright days. That each day is filled with joy and happiness, joy flowed over the edge. An ocean of positive emotions and a great love, a love which is like a wave nahlynet on you and you will not be able to resist it. Stay as beautiful always! I believe that your kindness does a lot for people who kindles in them the spark that burns like undying flame. May all your dreams come true on this beautiful day!Since I am a novice poet, I want to present you a verse:

On this beautiful day you appearedThe sun sparkled, rose flowers,Light enveloped the earth slowly warmThe day has come that we are waiting impatiently.

 Birthday party best.Fun it fills your cup.Happiness and smiles on this day very visible around. You can not be sad in such a beautiful day, my friend.

 Annasophia Robb in the day would be perfect as ever,I pray to God to make it on that day was like an angel!You stay beautiful and smart for a thousand years,And you never had any bad side.

 With all my heart – happiness and dreams!Let life, like a bright mosaicconsists of bright colors of joy,memorable experiences, and every new daybrings good luck and good mood!

Good-bye! I love you and your work! Good luck! =)))”

-Alexander Biryukov,

By Alexander Biryukov, AnnaSophia Robb

”Hi Annasophia happy birthday I wish you much happiness in life love money defined which offers you a good career, I wish you a lot of fans doibrego high school, my name is Adam I’m Polish Drużyński please you anna sent you a ticket for you and call proszeciebie as I know these letters hyba go to the manager, but please przekazaliśćie Annisophi to robb a little about me my zodiac sign Sagittarius just like you I was born 18.12 8 December and you like to run around like you remember a movie Bridge to Terabithia, I saw that you like poetry wyobrażń created the world as well as you swuj I opened my eyes and was deep in thought at the beginning that this is not true but uwieżyłem the second case, it is not great you please send me a ticket for you, give me a chance and listen to me and fulfill my mażenia I would like you a lot I did not know filmuw wystepowałaś that ash so I think I would certainly never been a fashion designer husband specialist factory creates designs clothes you like you have any problems please tell me and I’ll let you hear please read this letter Annasophia Robb will write to let me let everybody AnnaSophia Robb AnnaSophia know or please write back to me, please let me know 🙂 ”

-Adam D,