Get To Know the New Carrie Bradshaw: AnnaSophia Robb make an interview with AnnaSophia Robb

On her social media presence:

I’ve been tweeting this week. I’m going try and tweet a lot more and be more active. First I thought that’s too hipster, but then I realize everyone does it, so once I get the iPhone, I’ll have Instagram.

On the costume styling (by Eric Daman) for The Carrie Diaries:

We’re not trying to be “Sex & the City,” but we’ll have similar tastes. I don’t know if Carrie’s there quite yet [with her style.] I’m wearing a lot of vintage stuff and I feel like the drop waist will come back in style.

On her relationship with Candace Bushnell:

I was actually emailing with her earlier. She’s like, “I’m gonna take you shopping and we’re gonna meet this person or this person, but you have to choose your own outfits.”

On her shopping venues of choice:

I just got a really great dress from ASOS. I’m just starting to get into online shopping. I like Anthropologie for their accessories. I like to go out to shop because I like to touch tags and feel the fabrics. Check out a few flicks of our evening with AnnaSophia and AmEx, including a shot of our Editorial Directors, Bianca Posterli conducting the interview and Nola Weinstein, tweeting away in style.