Movie magic in Marshfield with AnnaSophia Robb

”Day after day, a gaggle of teenagers wearing bikinis and swim trunks have strategically stationed themselves on Marshfield’s Bay Avenue in the hopes of catching a glimpse — or better yet, an iPhone snapshot — of Steve Carell, Rob Corddry, AnnaSophia Robb, or any of this season’s other star-quality visitors.

The actors are appearing in “The Way, Way Back,” a movie being shot in various South Shore locations. Local fans and curiosity-seekers don’t have much time left for gawking, however; filming is scheduled to wrap up Friday.

If all goes according to plan, the production crew will then pack up its trucks and trailers, the tripods and cameras will disappear from the grassy green lawns, and life in the seaside village of Green Harbor will return to normal.”


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