AnnaSophia’s interview with Lucky Magazine

The Carrie Diaries, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s much-anticipated prequel to Sex and the City, was officially picked up by The CW last week. No big surprise there, as we had no doubt that networks would be falling all over themselves to acquire a show about a young Carrie Bradshaw partying it up in ’80s-era Manhattan. And yesterday, none other than AnnaSophia Robb—the 18-year-old who will be playing the young Carrie—popped by our offices for a chat.

Though dressed in a demure striped sundress from Juicy Couture for her visit, AnnaSophia confessed she’ll be wearing far crazier costumes on her new show. ” But  Eric [Daman, the show’s costume designer] calls the look ‘aspirational authenticity,'” she explained of the wardrobe on set. “So he pulls stuff thats definitely not ‘ugly ’80s.'” In other words, expect lots of fluorescent brights, leather and polka dots…plus an odd Swatch watch or two.

Indeed, from the promo images I’ve seen so far, AnnaSophia’s carefully-selected Carrie outfits are a far cry from the fashion mistakes the decade’s famous for. So, I wondered, did the actress have any real-life style regrets of her own?

“I had a bowl cut for a couple years,” she told me. “Didn’t we all have one in the ’90s? And when i was little, I definitely wore crushed velvet leggings with a matching top.”

Fortunately, The Carrie Diaries‘ wardrobe team won’t be forcing her into coordinating velour anytime soon. “I feel like the wardrobe team picked the coolest part of the ’80s to bring back—the punky, the preppy and the neon,” AnnaSophia said. “Although scrunchies are definitely there, too!”

Speaking of hair, how long did it take to create those Carrie-worthy curls? “My hair’s naturally straight,” AnnaSophia admitted, “and getting it perfectly curly takes about an hour and a half—plus, then they have to do touch-ups throughout the day because the curls keep falling out!” She told me she’d considered perming her hair for the role, but wasn’t sure if the results would look authentic enough. “Honestly,” she added, “I hope they end up putting me in a wig for the rest of filming.”

To research her character, AnnaSophias’s been catching up on all six seasons of Sex and the City—at 18, of course, she was too young to watch the racy show back in the early aughts. So what’s her all-time favorite episode? “The one where Carrie farts in bed!” she laughed. “Because honestly, that’s a woman’s worst fear ever, and I love that they don’t cover up things like that or pretend like the characters are perfect all the time. Carrie’s so relatable.” She added that while she hasn’t yet met “original Carrie” Sarah Jessica Parker in person, she did receive a “very sweet” letter from the actress before filming on The Carrie Diaries began, wishing her luck on the project.

Since the new series will start airing midseason, around January 2013, AnnaSophia won’t be heading back to the set until October. Still, the demanding fall filming schedule to come meant the actress had to defer her recent acceptance to Stanford University—a huge feat for any teen, whether or not they’ve got a future hit series on their hands. “But it’s worth it,” she said with a smile. “I can’t wait for people to see the show, to get wrapped up in it.”