AnnaSophia’s NEW Project “The Moon and the Sun”

Thank to Laski who sharing this news! according Timelessfilms wrote AnnaSophia Robb is cast of “The Moon and the Sun” Movie co-starring  Pierce Brosnan

Plot : In an incredible world of real Kings and Queens, comes a fantasy unlike any other. Louis XIV, the Sun King, (Pierce Brosnan) is turning 50 and worried about the future of France. His treasury depleted by wars, his only male off‐spring unfit to rule, Louis approaches his physicians to find a way to attain everlasting life. He is told the only scientific way is to take the life force of a mermaid. So, Louis secretly sends the French Navy, under the command of a young sailor, Yves, to bring one to Versailles and for the only time in history, a mythical sea creature is brought into captivity. As a testament to the glory of France, Louis decides the perfect way to cap off the Summer Solstice is to use the Mermaid to become an immortal. At the celebration, Louis also plans to pay down his war debt by marrying off Marie Joseph (AnnaSophia Robb), his daughter by way of the mistress he always loved.

The only problem is Marie‐Joseph is a free spirit, raised in a convent as an orphan, who believes her call to Court is a chance at a life she’s never had. She has no idea Louis is her father, nor what he has in store for her. Hidden in one of Versailles massive grottos, the Mermaid senses that this new arrival into Court is a kindred soul. One night she hears a haunting cry and follows the sound to the grotto. Yves, who has been assigned to protect the King’s prized possession, blocks her path; or does at least until he learns firsthand about Marie‐Joseph’s ability to throw a good punch. When the King learns of the enchanting bond between Marie‐Joseph and the Mermaid, he grants her free access to the grotto, which allows the relationship to build between not only Marie Joseph and the Creature, but also between the girl and the sailor.

For a magical moment, love and friendship fill the air. Marie Joseph soon learns she is the daughter of royalty, a moment that is spoiled when Louis tells her she is to marry the man she’s come to despise, the merchant Gourgogne, in order to pay down the treasury’s debt. Worse yet, she discovers what Louis has in mind for the Mermaid and she has to find it within herself to defy her father, the King and to free the creature. She enlists Yves, and in a rousing finale, the three take on the mighty court of the Sun King.