Steve Carell to join AnnaSophia Robb in ‘The Way, Way Back’

After reported AnnaSophia Robb’s new project might be a film ‘The Way, Way Back’ with actor Sam Rockwell.

Variety, now reported Steve Carell and Toni Collette are a part of film, still have no much information abut IMDB have page of it

can read :

Carrell and Collette have both signed on to star in The Way, Way Back. Just like the last time the two worked together, the actors will be surrounded by talent, as Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney and Annasophia Robb are all already signed on. Set over the course of a summer vacation, the movie centers on a young boy who must learn to deal with a “unattentive mother and cheating stepfather.” The two new actors will be playing the parental roles and Carrel’s character description is a real winner, described as a fan of booze, drugs and women.

While both Faxon and Rash are best known as actors – particularly Rash, who plays the ridiculous and amazing Dean Pelton on NBC’s Community – they nabbed Oscar gold a few months ago when their adaptation of The Descendants, which they wrote with Alexander Payne, was rewarded with the Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award. The Way, Way Back will not only be their feature directorial debut, but their first director credits in general.