‘Soul Surfer’ Shark Attack scenes!

Saribeth find this to us! Mark Garbarino, Simulates Shark Attack scene for ‘Soul Surfer’ with some new photo attach.

Shark Attack Scenes Annasophia 01Shark Attack Scenes Annasophia 02Shark Attack Scenes Annasophia 03Shark Attack Scenes Annasophia 04

Can read : Each day before filming, actress AnnaSophia Robb spent an hour having a new silicone stump grafted onto her shoulder, and often had to work with her arm tucked behind her back.

On location in Oahu, Garbarino cast Robb’s shoulder in several different positions, with her left arm bending across her chest or behind her back. “From this gypsum-plaster cast, we sculpted an attack prosthetic [plus] a newly’Soul Surfer’ Special Make-up Effects sutured and a healed muscular stump,” he said.

“I decided to re-sculpt the final ‘healed’ prosthetic in Hawaii, while we were filming, after casting the real Bethany’s appendage. My nightly chore thus became casting a new prosthetic for the next days’ shooting on my condominium back-porch workshop. For the majority of the filming days, AnnaSophia wore a silicone prosthetic make-up, and a green sleeve, or green paint, to later erase her lower arm from audience sight.”