AnnaSophia Robb @ Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC

AnnaSophia update on her Official site as she and Bethany Hamilton visit Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC in New York City on September 11st. With message :

AnnaSophia and Bethany Hamilton were at Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC in New York City this past Monday working the trading floor in honor of the 740 employees lost during 9/11/01. The trading companies donate the days profits (12 million this year) to the families that lost loved ones and to non-profits. Friends of Bethany was invited to attend the days trading along with 50 other organizations, as well as Pres Clinton and Pres George Bush. It was an exciting day, filled with tears of happiness and sadness. AnnaSophia closed a 350 million dollar trade and Bethany closed a 2 billion dollar trade!

The girls also made it to Fashion Week and saw a few run-way shows. Here they were at Derek Lam and Lela Rose.