AnnaSophia Robb in Guatemala

AnnaSophia Robb was in Guatemala between June 21st, 2010 and June 29th, 2010—working with K-Life Denver, a Christian ministry based in Denver, Colorado; on a missionary trip.

Bryan Ratanasin has a blog about the trip, in which he does not specifically mention AnnaSophia. The blog has ten YouTube videos embedded, which can also be viewed from the Denver K-Life YouTube channel. All the videos have a total combined length of fifty-five minutes and eight seconds.

The Denver K-Life YouTube channel has ten videos of AnnaSophia in Guatemala. In the videos, AnnaSophia is shown sitting in a restaurant, making tortillas, dancing in her restaurant chair, walking on the street, singing God of This City, standing in a field, handling crafts with children, holding a wheel barrel, saying “hola“, using a pink camera, sitting with a child, smiling with a child, standing at a food stand, eating sitting on the ground, walking with children, at a food stand, holding children, reading, holding a guitar case, standing in the background, holding children’s hands wearing a Barrack Obama shirt, standing in the background smiling, making faces at the camera, moving a purse wearing an AHS shirt, holding a child in her arms, posing on a boat, posing in a group picture on a boat, talking in a hotel, dancing with Austin to When a Man Loves a Woman, dancing and clapping, waving at the camera, waving at the camera, wearing a zip-line harness, riding a zip-line, holding onto a zip-line, in the background, posing with a child, with her arms out, holding children, posing with five other people and holding three children. Below is an edited version, to show the aforementioned actions:

AnnaSophia’s paternal grandmother, Anna Marie Robb, has also worked on missionary trips, with hers being to Chile.

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