Sleepwalking’s Dennis Hopper dies

AnnaSophia Robb’s Sleepwalking co-star Dennis Hopper, who played her character’s grandfather in the movie, has died at age seventy-four. AnnaSophia Robb has said of him, “Dennis is the best”, and “I just loved working with him. I learned a lot and it was an honor.”

The following is a collection of quotes attributed to AnnaSophia Robb and about Dennis Hopper. Each paragraph is from a different source:

When I first met Dennis, well first of all, he gave Charlize a big hug. Then I was like, oh, well, he’s all good. (laughs) He has such a presence and he is such a kind man. He has so much to offer as an actor. We had a read through and I just saw this man as a mean, nasty old man who had been abused before and that’s why he acted like this. I found so much more to that, just talking about why he did this thing this way and thinking about where his wife had gone – all these different questions brought up that I had never thought about. I was just so in awe of him. How he was excited about the work he was doing and really thinking about his character. It wasn’t like he was just coming on to be on the shoot for eight minutes. He was really investing in the character.

Okay, well that makes sense now. After every take, no matter if it was a really dark one or it was tense but not extremely emotional, he would always say: “That was a good take,” or “Are you all right?”

He had a glove and he’d take it off and he’d just use the fabric.

Dennis is the best. I mean, he’s just completely different from in the moment, in the scene and then once we cut. He always made sure I was okay, you know, he’d always say that was a good take. When he hits me and I fall down, he’d pick me right back up. Very supportive. [He] taught me lots of little tricks of the trade. I just loved working with him. I learned a lot and it was an honor.

Actually, the darker it went, the more I loved it because I knew that Charlize would be there to help me come back out of it, as would Dennis and Nick, and everybody there.

In “Sleepwalking,” we did a table read with Nick Stahl, Dennis Hopper, and Charlize Theron, as well as director, Bill Maher. And we were all in the room, reading a scene, and I just went, ‘WOW! I am with Dennis Hopper!’ And it was his 108th film and it was my 8th and I kept thinking: ‘There are so many things I can learn from him!

He plays the meanest man in town. But offscreen, he was kind and taught me cool little tricks, such as how to fall down and not get hurt. But he had trouble getting into Canada, where we shot, because of previous [drug] problems.