Mark Garbarino talks about Soul Surfer

Special make-up effects designer Mark Garbarino talked with about the production of Soul Surfer, his involvement in the project and AnnaSophia Robb. When asked if he could share any stories from working with AnnaSophia, Garbarino said, “I designed a series of prosthetics to suggest the progress of Bethany Hamiliton’s arm loss and healing. I cast AnnaSophia’s shoulders in Oahu, in several different positions, with her left arm bending across her chest, and behind her back. From this gypsum plaster cast, I designed an attack prosthetic, a newly sutured, and a healed, muscular one.”

“For the majority of the filming, AnnaSophia wore a silicone prosthetic makeup, and a green sleeve or green paint, to later erase her lower arm from audience sight. The engine room will do the post removal effect”, said Garbarino. He also said that the most exciting scene was the shark attack filming, commenting on it, “Some of the Hamiliton family were watching, so it must have been troubling for them at times. All our attempts at realistically portraying Bethany’s injury were done with great thought, care and compassion.”

He commented on AnnaSophia’s performance, saying, “AnnaSophia performed perfectly, without self consciousness, as she maneuvered her left arm, back and forth during the flow of filming, to accommodate, and assist the Visual FX later in post production.”

Garbarino also mentioned how much he worked with AnnaSophia, saying, “The time spent daily in the prosthetic makeup chair was 45 to 60 minutes, with a 20 minute clean up at the end of the day.”

“I think it is safe to say, AnnaSophia and I parted as professional friends. I respect her greatly for all she is accomplishing,” said Mark Garbarino.