Bethany Hamilton talks about AnnaSophia

Bethany Hamilton has talked with Surfer Mag about AnnaSophia Robb and her portrayal of Hamilton in the upcoming movie Soul Surfer:

She’s actually really cool and we’ve become really good friends. I actually saw her in a movie a while back, Bridge to Teribethia, and my mom said to me, “You know, I bet she could play you in the movie.” I just sort of laughed but she randomly wound up getting the part. But like I said, we’re both good friends and share a lot in common. She’s actually a really talented surfer naturally. I took her to my surf coach on Kauai, Russell Lewis, and he got her in the water and taught her how to surf and she’s pretty good. I think if she didn’t have the time constraints and everything with the movie that she could be a really good surfer.