The Honolulu Advertiser talks with Soul Surfer people

The Honolulu Advertiser recently talked to Sean McNamara, Bethany Hamilton, Douglas Schwartz, Tom Hamilton and AnnaSophia Robb about Soul Surfer. AnnaSophia says, “There have been a lot of difficulties, just physically,” and, “There are challenges.” “When I first started, I always forgot to put my arm behind my back,” she said. “Everything on land you can do with one arm. Surfing is really hard with one arm.” In the article, they also talk about AnnaSophia’s bruises that she got from collisions with her board, and she said, “I have a cut on my leg from the skeg and I love it,” adding, “I hope it scars.” One writer/producer, Douglas Schwartz, said, “I felt she was a star on the rise,” and, “She is a serious actress. She can pull the tears out. She has had some tearful scenes. And she has a beautiful look. She looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor.” Bethany Hamilton, whom AnnaSophia portrays in the film, said, “AnnaSophia is a really talented actress and she works hard for the roles,” adding, “I didn’t realize how much actors had to put into their job.” AnnaSophia ended the article saying, “I think spiritually, the hardest part of this film is it is a really intense story,” and, “Capturing Bethany’s essence is hard to do. We have such different personalities but we were able to connect.”

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EDIT: There is also a video on the website of The Honolulu Advertiser. In which, Bethany Hamilton says, “AnnaSophia, the girl playing me, um, she’s actually from Colorado, so for her to come to Hawaii and be a surfer has been a little bit of a challenge, but she is naturally athletic, and she’s a talented actress, and she’s just doing an amazing job and I just couldn’t ask for more and I’m so thankful and just grateful to have her part of the movie. “