2009 – Lola’s Land interview

AnnaSophia Robb another interview with Alexander Ludwig! 2009 – Lola’s Land interview. Enjoy!

Headline : Anna Sophia Robb & Alexander Ludwig
By : Lola’s Land

Meet the two stars of Race To Witch Mountin, Anna Sophia Robb & Alexander Ludwig. Find out what their favourite food, colour and books are, plus how they juggle being movie stars and attending hifh school….

For those of us who haven’t seen the film yet can you tell us what it’s all about?
AS: Well the movie is about a Las Vegas cab driver, Jack, played by Dwayne Johnson. He’s been having a rough life so far and then all of a sudden one day he picks up these two unusual fares in the back of his cab, two teenagers who turn out to be aliens from a different planet. They bring him into this whole mess of trying to save their planet as well as the earth and running away from the U.S. government.

Do either of you believe in aliens?
AS: I think its fun to believe in aliens. I mean I’m not sure about it, I’m still not 100%. I need some rock solid proof but, I think when you start thinking about how big the universe is it’s kind of like, there might be something out there.

AL: The universe is really big and there’s gotta be something else out there and yeah, its fun to believe.

Race to Witch Mountain is based on the novel by Alexander Key is there a book that you would love to turn into a movie and then play the lead role?
AS: As a matter of fact there are, there are two. My family and I have optioned the rights to two books one called The Summer Kings and the other is Bloody Jack and they’re great! Bloody Jack is a book series and The Summer Kings is a civil rights movement book and they’re both fabulous and I think everybody should read them. They’re great books, really well written.

AL: I’ve never really thought of a book that I really, really wanted to turn into a movie, I mean personally for my self. There’s one book that I really fell in love with, I don’t know why its always stuck with me, I read it quite a few years ago, it’s called Number the Stars. It’s about the holocaust and it’s an amazing book. I’d love to maybe be able to direct a movie like that and bring that to life because it’s a really phenomenal story.

So would you like to be a director when you’re older?
AL: Ultimately, I guess my main goal is to own my own studio and just have the most creative freedom possible. Mainly for me my passion is definitely acting but it can’t hurt to get familiar with behind the scenes you know it only helps you as an actor and I’d love to try directing and producing.

What about you Anna Sophia?
AS: I don’t think I could be a director, honestly, too much pressure! I think it’d be great fun to produce. I would love to do that because if you can find a project that you’re really passionate about, or you read a book and you just go wow this is incredible I wanna share this with people, I’d love to make that possible.

You’re both still attending high school, how do you juggle that with you’re careers? It must be pretty full-on?

AS: It is full-on, definitely! It was nice because my freshman year I was there most of the year and so I really got to know the teachers and the students and they got to know me too; when I do travel though I have a tutor. It really is a balancing act, at middle school I still worked really hard but there just wasn’t as much work. Now in high school I don’t have a life when I’m back home coz I’m just working all the time at school!

What about you Alexander?

AL: Yeah I’m still in high school and I agree with Anna Sophia it can be very very troubling and tough to have to juggle school with the whole movie business but its just another thing you have to overcome. For me this year it was actually really gravy coz it was kinda nice to try to refrain from working a little bit, it’s really important to me that I excel in school especially now as I’m gonna be a senior which is crazy. Definitely for me university is a priority so going to college and getting a degree and a proper education so I wanted that time to focus and I was given it so that was good.

Who would you love to make a movie with if you could pick anyone you wanted?
AS: So many people! Let’s see, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, I love Scarlett Johanssen…

AL: My all time cast would be; directing Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg. Then I would love to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s one of my all time inspirations I think he just a phenomenal actor and the fact that he hasn’t won an Academy Award yet is honestly just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! I think Johnny Depp’s the same. I guess those two are my main inspirations.

Quick Fire Anna Sophia
Sofia what is you’re favourite colour?
AS: Green! No purple!

Are you sure?

AS: I dunno, it’s a toss-up.

What’s your favourite book, would it be one of the ones you mentioned earlier?

AS: No, I think my favourite book is still The Outsiders

And what’s your favourite food?
AS: Sushi!

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
AS: I’d say read, Alexander’s gonna make fun of me. And just hanging out with my friends.

Alexander quick fire
What’s your favourite colour?
AL: Blue

Favourite book?
AL: I just read Angels and Demons and that was amazing so definitely that!

Your favourite food?

AL: Italian, Japanese you know, everything! I just like food!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

AL: Surf, ski and play music.

What kind of music do you play?

AL: Well I write my own music so I guess it’s a little alternative/rock and roll-ish.

Who would you compare yourself to?

AL:I don’t really know, I’m not as cool as any of the other musicians at all so I have no idea.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given?
AS: It changes I think depending on my age. I guess so many people have told me this; follow what you’re passionate about and that will make you happy, money won’t make you happy. That will make you happy, doing what you love in life.

And what about you Alexander?
AL: Yeah I have two actually. My dad came up with the first one; he said “the three most important things in life are integrity, credibility and honour”. I think that’s really important and it applies to all aspects of life. Secondly my dad’s really close friend who’s been like a mentor to me my entire life told me one day, and it’s really stuck with me especially in grade 11 because it’s so tough right now with school juggling everything, “you just gotta roll with the punches”, which is so true!

What’s next for both of you, what have you got in the pipeline?

AS: Well I’ve been home for most of the school year but it’s been nice cause I’ve actually had a bit of a life. I’m developing some projects and looking at some stories maybe some films in the next year but right now I can’t, they’re not set in stone.

AL: Well economically things are really rough right now, so financing is really hard to find. There was an independent film I was avid about doing but unfortunately the financing fell through, however it may come back in the near future. The cast was just phenomenal. It was Burt Reynolds, Stockard Channing, Daryl Hannah, James Brolin. it was just an amazing cast and a true story. Right now I’m in L.A. I’m meeting with numerous directors on different projects but I don’t wanna say anything right now or I’ll look like an idiot!