2009 – The Dead Bolt interview

Here AnnaSophia Robb with Alexander Ludwig interview for TheDeadBolt.com

Headline : Contact with Race to Witch Mountain Aliens Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb
By : Reg Seeton

The original Witch Mountain movies of the 1970s have become Disney classics that kids and parents have enjoyed for nearly four decades. Although it’s hard to believe the Witch Mountain movies are that old, both Escape to Witch Mountain and Return From Witch Mountain are timeless movies that everyone has a memory of when they were either kids or adults.

In 2008 Disney took a bold step in reimagining the original Escape from Witch Mountain into an alien adventure for a new generation to enjoy with Race to Witch Mountain, now out on Blu-ray and DVD as of August 4, starring Dwayne Johnson in the role of Jack Bruno, a Las Vegas cab driver who meets young up and comers Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb who play on-the-run alien bother and sister, Seth and Sarah. In a race against time, Seth and Sarah hire Jack to be their wheels in an effort to retrieve a valuable, technologically advance gadget that can save the human race and their alien planet from decay.

To usher in a fantastic action packed home video release of Race to Witch Mountain on Blu-ray and DVD, Alexander Ludwig and AnnaSophia Robb shared their recent thoughts on the extraterrestrial elements of the movie, the UFO research behind the new Witch Mountain, whether they believe in UFOs, and what it was like to play aliens in Race to Witch Mountain.

Have you guys ever seen a UFO?

ANNASOPHIA ROBB: I think it’s really fun to believe in UFOs and aliens, but I haven’t experienced anything like that. I’m sure I know someone who thinks they’ve seen a UFO, though!

ALEXANDER LUDWIG: Hey, are you talking about me?

Why? Have you seen a UFO, Alexander?

ALEXANDER: Well, I was showing someone the Race To Witch Mountain trailer on the computer in my dad’s office the other day. I looked out of the window and I’m so sure I saw something! It was a clear sky, but this light started bouncing around the clouds.


ALEXANDER: I’m not joking – and I’m not crazy! I thought it could be a reflection on buildings, but it was moving weirdly. It was especially trippy because I’d just seen the trailer to our alien movie. It was very strange.

How interested are you in the universe and outer space?

ANNASOPHIA: I love it!

ALEXANDER: I like to think about where the universe stops. It’s so weird! How can the universe stop? Does it reach a brick wall or something? If that’s the case, what’s behind the brick wall? It’s such an amazing concept.

ANNASOPHIA: The universe just keeps expanding – but that seems impossible. It’s so weird, but wonderful.

Why is the galaxy so interesting?

ALEXANDER: Because nobody knows too much about it. When you’re looking up at the stars, there are endless possibilities. There’s so much that hasn’t been explored. I always get a weird feeling in my stomach when I think about it.

ANNASOPHIA: Me too. I feel so small in comparison to the universe. There’s such a fascination with it because there’s so much we don’t know about it. You can believe anything you want because nobody can really disprove it.

Would you like to zoom off into outer space?

ALEXANDER: It would be an amazing experience to take a flight into space.

ANNASOPHIA: That would be so cool! I’m studying astronomy in Science at school right now – and I’m loving it. Being an astronaut would be crazy. I’d be terrified, but I would love the experience.

What part of the galaxy would you most like to explore?

ALEXANDER: When I’m 80 or something, I really want to get in touch with NASA and say, ‘Send me through a black hole!’ I want to see what happens. I’ve always been fascinated with black holes because nobody knows what they are. By the time I’m 80, I’ll be up for it. I don’t know why nobody hasn’t done it before.

Maybe you can save up some money and build your own spaceship?

ALEXANDER: Wow! Now, that’s a good idea. Didn’t a Russian guy pay $20million to go into space? I would love to do that.

What supernatural powers would you most like to have?

ANNASOPHIA: I think my character’s powers of telekinesis are pretty awesome in the movie. I can move objects with my mind, which would be a great skill to have. My character can read minds, which is also pretty handy.

What about you, Alexander?

ALEXANDER: I’d love to fly. I’m always flying in my dreams, so sign me up for super flying lessons any day!

Did you have to research aliens and the universe for your roles in Race To Witch Mountain?

ANNASOPHIA: When we started work on the movie, the director showed us a lot of footage about aliens, UFOs and conspiracy theories. He showed us some really cool alien videos to get us pumped up about UFOs.

ALEXANDER: His office looks like it belongs to a 12-year-old boy! There are posters, UFOs and loads of crazy stuff in there, so you’re surrounded by the subject.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

ALEXANDER: It was! We watched loads of documentaries on UFOs, which really make you believe. You really start questioning everything. One of the documentaries said that the universe is so big that it would be really egotistical to think we’re the only living beings. I really think that’s true.

ANNASOPHIA: There are also some amazing conspiracy theories out there. You know what? Our universe is so big that there has to be something else out there.

Was it difficult to play aliens in the movie?

ANNASOPHIA: I talked to the director a lot about my character and her powers because no-one really knows what aliens look like or how these powers should be displayed. It was cool because we could just make it up.

ALEXANDER: AnnaSophia’s character has to talk to me through telekinesis, which was very fun to act out. We also had to work together to create our roles because they have to be similar. It was all pretty cool.

So if there are aliens out there in the universe, what do they look like?

ANNASOPHIA: I have absolutely no idea! My mind goes wild when I think about things like this. I would love to imagine them as changing colors and having mad tentacles. That would be so weird, but very cool – just like Flubber.

ALEXANDER: I wouldn’t want them to look like us because that would be such a letdown. Imagine meeting someone from Mars and they looked just like yourself. It would be disappointing. A Flubber alien is much more fun – and way cooler.